We carry out all types of valuation, which include the following:

Mortgage Valuations

We also advise on fair reserve price values of held securities in case of intended auction/forced sale.

Rental Assessment: Some of the reasons are as follows:

    * Tribunal court requirements
    * Rent Restriction Tribunal (R.R.T) cases - Residential Houses
    * For purposes of establishing a fair Market rent for new premises and old premises when they are/or fall vacant or when there is need to review rents to market levels.
    * Business Premises Rent Tribunal (B.P.R.T) cases - Commercial Buildings

Plants & Machinery

We determine the fair value of these movable assets by assessing each equipment and checking on it's current state, depreciation, market price and alternative users in the market, economic lifespan, etc.

Insurance Valuations

It is important to attach the right value against your assests.

Book Purpose

In this category, we evaluate the total worth of the company's assets which include:

    * Fixed assets - Land and Buildings
    * Loose assets - These include all types of motor vehicles, office equipment and furniture, personal effects and other movable assets.


    * For purposes of buying or selling of a property
    * Asset Tagging and Coding: This is done when a company wants to identify its assets
    * Owner occupied house allowance claim
    * Petrol station valuations
    * Going concern valuations. We advice on the value of a business on "walk - in walk - out" basis, including the goodwill payable.

We have registered valuers who work on these briefs to meet your specifications